You can email me at kj at curiosityjones dot net (sometimes it takes me a long time to respond, but I do see your emails!), or follow me on Instagram @curiosityjones. You can also sign up so I can tell you what’s coming next!

Press / Events:

Need a photo, image, or bio for an upcoming appearance? Try the Press page. Email me (kj at curiosityjones dot net) if you don’t see what you need there.

BIPOC & other diverse people who write kids’ books:

If you have questions about the business of writing or want to talk about stuff that’s beyond beginner resources like these, please feel free to email me at kj at curiosityjones dot net. I value the help I got along the way, I recognize that you might have had fewer contacts and opportunities, and I’d like to help change that. I look forward to talking shop with you.

Rights questions:

I’m represented by Mandy Hubbard of Emerald City Literary Agency. Contact her about book rights, including film and tv rights.

Taryn Fagerness handles foreign rights sales for my work.

Or maybe you’re actually looking for:

Kelly Jones who wrote Lost and Found in Prague and other art history novels

Kelly Jones of the Stereophonics

Kelley Jones who draws amazing comics


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