chicken butts

These Days: Chicken Butt Edition

Guess what?

Chicken butts!

(That makes me laugh Every. Single. Time.)

Here you see the backsides of two of my chickens fluffed up inside their nest boxes. Ada, on the left, is a Blue Copper Marans; she’s inquisitive, and she’s named after Ada Lovelace, the first computer programmer. Marie, on the right, is a Black Copper Marans; she’s curious, and she’s named after Marie Curie, the physicist and chemist who worked on radioactivity. Right now, Ada and Marie are broody; this means all they want to do is sit on eggs. (For more about broodiness, see this fabulous HenCam post, including a picture of broody Buff Orpington Topaz masquerading as Henzilla! I love her chicken photography.)

These days, I have been:

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