Art by Kelly Jones

Text reads: ART by Kelly Jones. Speech bubble from off-panel reads: Wait -- aren't you a writer? A vine curls around the framed text. A bat flies in, two frogs hide in the leaves, and a mysterious pair of yellow eyes hidden in leaves look up at the text.
Illustration of an orange pumpkin with a green stem on a blue textured background. Text on image reads: uh... Draw-WHAT? Style has bold black lines and textured crosshatching. Created by Kelly Jones (curiosityjones).

quick art from the Drawtober 2022 challenge (theme: Season of the Witch)

Note from Kelly: Yes, I’m a writer! But sometimes I like to challenge myself to tell stories with my art, too.

Three young girls in witch hats and pajamas with stars, pumpkins, and bats curl up on a couch in front of a bookshelf reading comics by candlelight. A black cat sits on the shelf, reading over one witch's shoulder. The illustration has bold black lines on a gray textured background, with yellow circles of candlelight.

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