Author Presentations, Workshops, & Speaking

Author Kelly Jones (a white woman) smiles in a school library under a yellow banner that reads "Welcome Kelly Jones" with student art.

I never got to meet a writer until I was an adult, and that meant I couldn’t really imagine how to become one myself. So, I’m committed to talking honestly and openly about what it’s like to be a writer and sharing what I’ve learned with writers and students of all ages. I’ve spoken to and worked with thousands of people over the years, from kindergarteners through adults. I love making this work feel possible.

Some of my most popular topics are:

Create Your Own Superpet (K – 6 students): Create and describe a pet with superpowers to use in your own story, using your five senses to bring readers in. (Works great as a full-school assembly, class activity, or library presentation.)

Thwart That Hero! (teens): Create a protagonist with three basic questions and write a letter moving that character toward their goal. Then, swap with another writer, and thwart that goal as the story’s antagonist! (Best as a hands-on writing group or class activity.)

So You Want to Write a Novel (teens & adults): You’ve always dreamed of writing a novel…but how do you get started? What will it take? How can you keep going? And what do you do once you finally finish? Learn my tools and tricks through hands-on exercises and ask your own questions.

Schools / Libraries / Bookclubs: Would you like your students and patrons to connect with an author who will be honest and encouraging? Email me at kj at curiosityjones dot net to discuss rates and presentation options. (Tight budget? Contact me anyway, and let’s talk.)

Conferences / Panels: I’m an experienced speaker and moderator who enjoys helping the audience see inside my writing life. If you have an interesting opportunity, please get in touch — email me at kj at curiosityjones dot net.

Bookstores: Looking for an author conversation partner or speaker for an upcoming event? Email me at kj at curiosityjones dot net, and let’s talk!

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