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Educator Guide from Penguin Random House for author Kelly Jones (cover at by Katie Kath, Paul Davey, and Sarah Watts

Educators’ Guide

book cover art by Katie Kath / Paul Davey / Sarah Watts

Thinking about using books by Kelly Jones in your classroom / library / homeschooling program? Penguin Random House has created a downloadable Educators’ Guide with suggested activities, discussion topics, vocabulary words, and curriculum connections for each book!

Need a hard copy? Contact Kelly Jones by email at kj at curiosityjones dot net to request one!

Letter Writing Exercises

Kelly has teamed up with authors Sarah Kapit and Veera Hiranandani (who’ve also written novels in letters!) to create free letter writing exercises for students. We hope you and your students enjoy telling stories in new ways!

Want more ideas?

Check out the Fun! section for coloring sheets and more!

Interested in having Kelly speak with your students or teach a workshop? Check out the Presentations options, or contact Kelly Jones by email at kj at curiosityjones dot net.

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