Free Downloadable Coloring Pages

Click the images below to download coloring sheets to use with your class or library group!

coloring page of the cover of Unusual Chickens for the Exceptional Poultry Farmer



coloring page for the cover of Are You Ready to Hatch an Unusual Chicken?


Click the image below to download a Chicken Award template! Readers can fill in the chicken’s name, draw a picture of the chicken, and add any details about why the chicken was chosen for this award (just like Sophie in Are You Ready to Hatch an Unusual Chicken?!)

unusual chickens certificate so readers can create their own


Share them on social media with hashtag #UnusualChickens — I’d love to see them too!!


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Free Downloadable Photo Props

Raven the chicken with Henrietta photo paddle

If you love unusual chickens…

Click here to download the unusual chickens photo paddle props!

Just cut them out and add popsicle stick handles, then have fun taking photos with your class, bookclub, farm animals, and pets! Share them on social media with hashtag #UnusualChickens — I’d love to see them too!!

Thanks to Katie Kath for drawing such amazing unusual chickens, and to the brilliant, fun-loving people who make up the Penguin Random House School & Library and Design teams!

Chicken Videos

Want to see what my (usual) chickens look like? Here are a few short videos:

Click to watch my chickens Raven, Louise, and Minerva dustbathing on a sunny day.

You can see they are keeping an eye on my camera!


Ada the chicken

Ada vs the apple

Click to see a very short video of Ada pecking at an apple on a tree in my backyard.

Note: the apples have socks on them to protect them from apple maggots. The maggots can’t get through the socks to reach the apples. But Ada learned how to pull them off… Ada is a very smart chicken, although she doesn’t always do what she’s supposed to!

Click to see a very short video of Raven and Louise scratching through the fall leaves in my backyard.


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